SkirtBike Constanța 2014 – PSD2Markup numbers

Hi there, 2nd year in a row, PSD2Markup is involved in the social media campaign of the SkirtBike event held in Constanta, Romania.
The campaign (Facebook) carefully started after 1st of May, having in mind that we didn’t want to bug the audience with posts and news about what was going to happen a month later.

  • We offered a boom of traffic on 7th May by updating the page cover with a collage of pictures from last year and started tagging people. This raised the awareness, but nothing clear yet.
  • The official event page was created on 13th of May, and then an “at least one post per day” campaign started.
  • This held users attention for awhile, when a real tease opportunity appeared: a photo session where future participants at the actual event were present. The pictures that they took there and uploaded to the SkirtBike Constanta Facebook page for a previously started contest made the break trough. 800% raise in targeted visits, full awareness! Online media and events calendar websites were informed about what was going to happen on 15th June. Almost all of them responded and started promoting for free!
  • Given the chance, the official poster was released one week before the event: online + printed as poster and two-side flyer.
  • Despite all the fuss created, we intensified the effect by releasing the video teaser + photo gallery.
  • Important printed, radio and TV local media was officially informed and given materials about the event.
  • Lastly, a Facebook paid campaign was set up and started to target people outside the SkirtBike Constanta already created social circle.

Below you can see some insights + the official poster.

afis sb constanta 2 - a6

afis sb final 2 - a6 - verso





We hope everyone has a great time on 15th June!

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