PSD2Markup supports the sexiest cycling campain in Romania

This month, PSD2Markup signs the social media identity for a local event in Constanta, Romania: SkirtBike Constanta. The purpose of this event is to promote recreational cycling among women and girls in urban areas and is taking place in 11 major cities at the same time: Alba Iulia, Arad, Baia Mare, Brașov, București, Constanța, Cluj, Drobeta Turnu Severin, Iași, Sibiu, Timișoara..

SkirtBike first took place in 2010, in Bucharest only, as a response to the cycle chic wave that started in major capitals all over the  world. In 2012, 7 more cities joined the colorful chic parade, and in 2013, organizers in Constanta, the largest seaside city in Romania, raised their hands to join in. Latest on the list, with a little over 2 weeks before the actual event will take place, the organizers had a pretty intense job to promote this event on such short notice. Media was involved, prints and flyers were handed on key locations in the city and the results are showing with 5 days left to D-day.

PSD2Markup was involved in the social media part of this rush, and a little touch can be seen on the prints. But, as our disclaimer says “we don’t do design”, the sketch was handed to the pros, and below is the final result:

afis SkirtBike Constanta_resize

PSD2Markup might be the single support company on that flyer that won’t be able to attend the actual event, but we hope for a great forecast and good luck to the ladies that will show up dressed their best for chic cycling!

We’ll be back with photos!

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